With such a marvelous facility, it is no surprise that many different groups want to make use of the Deep Run Hunt Show grounds. The Deep Run Hunt club holds a wide variety of activities there including clinics that range from bomb proofing your horse to dressage. They also have gymkhanas. Members can reserve the show rings for their own riding and often have group lessons there as well. The Deep Run Hunt Pony club holds clinics, annual horse trials, ratings and a beloved pony club camp.

In addition, the facilities are used by outside groups. The Capital Horse Shows Association (CHSA) hold hunter shows in the rings throughout the season. Only 2 of these are run by the DRHSA. Rounding out the offerings is a jumper series produced by the Central Virginia Show Jumping Association (CVSJA). Our grounds served as the site of final soundness checks for distance horses prior to their departure to the Pam Am games. The Deep Run Hunt Horse Show Association has even hosted a Alpaca show. If you want to have fun, come to Deep Run!